dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Alekhine-Ricondo (miniature)

Here is a short crush by Alexander Alekhine, played in a blindfold sim. Alekhine slowly brought his pieces on the kingside before dealing his final blow.

 Alekhine,Alexander - Ricondo,M [C84]
Santander blindfold sim Santander, 1945
 1.e4       e5
2.Cf3      Cc6
 3.Fb5     a6
4.Fa4      Cf6
5.Cc3      Fe7
 6.0–0       d6

This move was played to enable d4 on the next move.

 8.d4        exd4
9.Cxd4    Fb7
10.Cf5     0–0
11.Te1    Te8
12.Df3     c5
13.Fg5     Ff8 

14.Ch6+!! 1–0

In this position, if black moves his king to h8 there is Nxf7+ winning the queen on d8. If black takes the knight on h6, there follows 15. Bxf6 and black has to sacrifice the queen for the bishop. If black moves his queen, say to c8, then follows 16.Qg3+ Qg4 17. Qxg4+ Bg718. Qxg7 mate!
Nice little combo by Alekhine!

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