dimanche 4 mars 2012


Here's one pretty game played by Alekhine in a blindfold simultaneous display. 


1.e4         e5
2.f4          exf4
3.Nf3 g5
4.d4         h6
The piece sac. line 4...g4 5.Bxf4 gxf3 6.Qxf3 gives good compensation for the sacrificed piece.
5.Nc3 Bg7
6.Bc4 Nc6
Helps to hold on to the center. If g4 then c3! sacrificing a piece with good attacking chances.
7...           d6
8.c3         Nge7
9.0-0 Nxd5
10.Bxd5 Ne7
Black is planning to trade as much pieces as possible to transfer into an endgame with a pawn up.
11.Bb3 Ng6

I give a ! to this move because it's the only way to get an attack in this position. White is opening up the position in order to kill black on the kingside.
12... fxg3?
Doing what white wants to do. Better was to close things up, forcing white to sacrifice a piece to open lines with: 12...g4 13.Ne1 f3

13.        Nxg5!
This knight is immune due to 13...hxg5 Bxf7+ winning the knight on g6.
13... 0-0
14.Qh5 gxh2+
Using the black pawn as a shelter.
15... hxg6
16.Qxg6 Qe8?
Black could have played 16...d5! 17.Qh5 (17.Bxd5? Qxd5!) 
17.Bxg5 Be6
Now guess the move that Alekhine managed to "see"

18.Rxf7! Bxf7?
Pinning his own bishop to the king allowing a nice blow from white.
19 Bf6! 1-0
The only way to avoid mate is by giving up the queen with Qxe4+ so black resigned. A nice crush by Alekhine, without even looking at the chessboard!

Hope you enjoyed! This is my first analysis so please leave your comments!

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